Tuesday, 5 June 2012

3 Great Healthcare Jobs in 2 Years or Less: Medical Receptionist Courses and More

Fast-track your way into a medical career? It's possible at the community college level.

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Stinky Socks and Ride For Earth Collab: You Buy Socks, They Plant a Tree

"Going Green" has become a significant contemporary movement. And companies in the action sports industry have hopped onboard, creating boards and apparel that are constructed with from more eco-friendly materials. Production company, Ninja Squad, has joined in the cause with their latest endeavor, Stinky Socks, a product that's designed for snowboarders and skaters.

The company also recently announced a collaboration project with Ride For Earth-- a worldwide organization that..

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Garrett Hill's Blackbook skate app

Technology and skateboarding have recently come together in the form of a new cell phone app. Pro skateboarder Garrett Hill and Maloof Money Cup tech wizard Jason Ossenmacher have created BlackBook.

The program allows users to log their skate spots as a pin on a map with corresponding photos, videos, and a virtual to-do list of tricks.
Never again will you forget that spot where you landed that one trick. Everyone from street skaters to filmers and photographers,..

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How to Order Embroidery Digitizing Services on the Internet

If you are looking for embroidery digitizing services, then the internet is one of the best places to place your order. Today most embroidery digitizing service providers offer their services online, regardless of whether they are established corporate or work from home embroiders. There are certain things to keep in mind when you place your custom embroidery design order online.

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Monday, 4 June 2012

What Is Used in Academic Qualification Checks?

One of the most notable points of employment screening that many employers use involves one's academic history. Many academic qualification checks are used as a means of making it a little easier for people to manage all sorts of great things in any kind of job.

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Could you handle 'screen-free' week?

Barbara Hall reports on a time for kids to turn off their TV, computer and other screens and do more productive things.

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Transitioning to a Successful Small Business

Success leaves clues. The keys to success in a small business are quite simple, but obscured from view. Take a good look at the failures around you. What do you see? Not what do you want to see, but really what caused their failure. The classic arguments tell you in most cases what others want you to see. Things like lack of finance, competition, etc. This article, though short, will cut to the chase.

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Mind Exercises & Improve Your Iq